Saturday, October 6, 2012

Wear What When: Casual Fridays

"Casual Friday" varies greatly from company to company, so there are no hard and fast rules: 
  • As they say, "Dress for the position you'd like to have, not the one you currently have." If you've been on the job a while or are familiar with the corporate culture, you should be able to gauge your higher-ups' styles. If they dress to a certain level of professionalism, even on Fridays, then take your cue from them and do the same -- even if all of your peers show up to work in t-shirts and jeans. 
But, it does require a little balancing act on your end, because:
  • Don't overdress! Trying to make a good impression on your managers can backfire if they start to worry that you're gunning for their jobs. Also, you don't want to alienate your peers by appearing too uptight or snobbish. Try to echo your supervisors' dress standards, but stay true to your own tastes. And if even the Head Honcho wears jeans and cowboy boots to work on Fridays, then by golly throw on those ol' blues and give them pull-ons a good polishing. Casual Fridays are a chance to let more of your true nature and personal style shine through. 
TGIF by jeanx623 featuring a herringbone blazer

Sometimes appropriate:
Conservative sandals
Mules or slides
Plain t-shirts

Never appropriate:
Sports apparel, slogans or logos
Athletic wear
Ripped or frayed jeans, or cut-offs

If ever in doubt, reference your employee orientation handbook, and just be sure not to stray too far from the everyday dress code at your workplace. 



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