Thursday, October 4, 2012

Sleep-in Beauty

I am a notoriously non-morning person. I will hit the snooze button on my alarm until the absolute-last-second before I have to get up, much to my husband's chagrin. On the average morning, I have calculated that I require a minimum 25 minutes of prep time to get ready and out the door. So, of course, I usually sleep in accordingly.

But then of course there are the mornings when I require a little more prepping and primping time, like the days when I've got meetings scheduled, or when I know I'll be going out for dinner straight after work. On those mornings, I owe much to the following beauty products which are specially designed to do double- or even triple-duty. They save me money by being more bang for my buck, and a ton of time (no more hunting down multiple products, etc.) Because we all know, every second (of beauty sleep) counts.

AM Routine

 1. Dr. Jart+ Premium Beauty Balm -- It's a tinted moisturizer, it's a sunscreen, it's a treatment serum -- no, it's all of the above! Provides light, tone-correcting coverage that can be worn alone or under makeup. Don't know how I ever got ready in the mornings before bb creams came about!
2. Studio Gear Inline Outline Pencil -- The ultimate multi-purpose beauty tool. A few ways to use it: line the inner rim of your eyes to make them appear brighter, highlight your browbone to make your eyes pop, and the little 'v' on your upper lip known as the Cupid's bow to make the lips appear fuller.
3. Aveeno Positively Ageless Daily Exfoliating Cleanser - Works well as a cleanser, and contains microbeads that provide gentle exfoliation. 
4. Clinique Quickliner for Eyes - This no-fuss eyeliner lives up to it's name. I love that no sharpening is required, and of course it's got that convenient smudge tool on the opposite end so you can smoke up your look for the evenings.
5. Aquolino Pink Sugar Hair Perfume -- I'll be the first to admit this ultra-sweet scent is not for everyone, but I find it really great for masking unpleasant odors that may have gotten in your hair (like smoke, or food smells) if you don't have time to shower; also has light conditioning ingredients that freshen your locks and add shine. 
6. Clarins Extra-Firming Body Cream - The price-tag on this is a bit hefty, but I love Clarins lotions because they moisturize well but don't feel greasy or smell too perfume-y. I use this all over, and even to help firm those pesky wrinkles that have started to make an appearance on my neck. Clarins does make a separate neck-firming cream that I like, but I think this one does the trick as well. 
7. NARS Multiple - Great cream-to-powder, multipurpose makeup - use on eyes, lips, cheeks, anywhere! - stick that comes in many gorgeous colors.
8. Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector - This has become an absolute must-have lip product for me. It is made with nourishing ingredients, and my lips have become noticeably softer and healthier with each use. All while providing a lovely sheer boost of color and delicious scent. 
9. Elizabeth Arden Lash Extending Treatment Mascara - Comparable to other department-store mascaras in terms of wear, but it's formulated with ingredients that "fortify, lengthen, define & revitalize lashes" I do feel like my lashes are fuller now than before I started using this, so call me a believer. 



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